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When you mention the game “Snake,” most people reconise it as one of the classice games. Snake is probably one of the most popular games and it dates all the way back to the 1970s where the game came out to Arcades. Since then, it has exploded onto Nokia phones since 1998 where it grew even more in popularity. It didn’t matter where people were, they would be playing this game on their phone. Since Internet gaming became more advanced, there have been flash Snake Game remakes available on the web. This has increased the popularity in the game even more as some of the games record high scores by the users.

This can make the games addictive because everyone wants to land the top score of snake game. A top 10 score can be hard to manage, let alone the top score overall. It can be frustrating at times, but it is still a lot of fun that you get to have for free. If you are not sure on how this snake flash games work, then we will explain it to you. Basically, you start out as a snake – real self explanatory, right? You start out pretty small, and you have to travel around picking up food or whatever the item is. Every time that you pick up the food, the snake will grow from seemingly getting bigger. This may not sound like a whole lot of fun to most people because they’re thinking “Oh great, I get to walk around and pick up food. What a blast!” in sarcasm. However, it is much more difficult than that. Check out this video below of a player who is quite good at the game :)

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As you can see the screen is only so big, so once you pick up the food around 20 different times, then your snake will fill up almost the whole screen. Not only that, but the snake will also speed up, so you will have to make your turns and maneuvers that much faster. You will be running a risk of crashing into the wall or yourself. If you do either of those, then the game will be over and you have to start over. Snake flash games are played by millions worldwide on the Internet; the graphics aren’t much of a joke either like you would think. They are actually just as good, if not better, than what you would have on a top notch phone. Make a simple search and start having some fun today! Other games you might be intersted in are bubble popping games such as bubble shooter, where the goal to clear as many bubbles as possible from above, by shooting and connecting ones of the same color..There are alsothe bike games over at happy wheels, if you want a bit more excitement. This site has popular titles such as Cyclomaniacs and Icycle. Or you may want to play the old calssic word game hangman game, which, as i'm sure you remember is a two player game where one person must guess a word set by the other, with a set number of goes.


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